PCM Reprogramming Codes

A PCM Reflashing subscription allows you to program the Powertrain Control Modules on applicable Mazda vehicles (sold in the United States and Canada) to the latest calibration level.

Note: Please ensure that you and your device are capable of using MMP/MDSFA software as refunds will not be available.

The subscription includes access to download a software application that you can install on a PC.

For 2018 and later models:

  • Current MDFSFA Release = MDSFA 113.00, released 04/11/2019
  • Update version = MDSFA 113.05

For 2017 and earlier models:

  • Version MMP 113.00, released 04/15/2019


Calibration updates are for PCM (ECU) only. Medium speed CAN modules (BCM and other modules) cannot be reflashed using the MMP program and J2534 device. They must be programmed using IDS.

You may be required to access Technical Service Bulletins (TSBs) when programming a module. A Service Information subscription is not included, but can be purchased separately.

All 1996 models and later can be reflashed except for Miata. Only 2006 Miata (MX-5) and later can be reflashed.

  • 44,95 $ - 72 hours subscription
  • 89,95 $ - 30 days subscription
  • 899,95 $ - 1 year subscription